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Bulawayo, Zimbabwe customer receive QT4-20 semi automatic stock standard brick making machine and 1000pcs GMT fiber pallet

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Update time : 2020-02-20 20:23:09
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe customer receive QT4-20 semi-automatic stock standard brick making machine and 1000pcs GMT fiber pallet

In February of 2020, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe customer received QT4-20 semi-automatic stock standard brick making machine and 1000pcs GMT fiber pallet. 
This machine mainly produces stock standard bricks, hollow blocks, Zigzag and Triangle pavers, Curbstone for the Zimbabwe market.

QT4-20 brick machine can produce standard bricks and zigzag paver 12pcs per mold, 17280pcs per 8 hours, 
can produce 400x115x200mm hollow block 6pcs per mold,8640pcs per 8 hours.

It is a newly designed QT4-20 semi-automatic hydraulic block machine, we have improved according to clients feedback as below,
1. It uses a belt convey machine under the material hopper to feed material accurately, not easy to get material stuck and easy to clean the machine.
2. Material feeding machine uses swing type, not 360 degrees rotating, this can feed mold box more even and faster.
3. Manganese steel mold to ensure mold long-lasting.
8. 8M belt convey machine ensure mixer can be installed underground, so can feed raw material into mixer easily

standard brick making machine showing:

Working video of QT4-20 hydraulic stock standard brick making machine: