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QT4 18 automatic cement concrete hollow block CHB machine in the Philippines, M9 cavity block machine
This video shows QT4-18 automatic block machine produce 390x190x190mm 8 inch hollow block, it can produce 6000-7000pcs per 8 hours.
QT4 18 stock maxi super common standard solid brick making machine in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia
As a hydraulic system and PLC control automatic brick making machine, QT4-18 can produce 220x100x75mm common standard brick about 30000 pcs per 8 hours. Finished bricks are good density due to hydraulic system press.
QT4 18 automatic hydraulic colorful cabro paver block making machine, color feeding machine
QT4-18 automatic block machine whole line has been set up and finish installation with guidance of our engineer in Cambodia. This video shows QT4-18 block machine produce colorful cabro paver blocks, this machine can produce 200x100x60/80mm cabro paver 2