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QT4-24 semi automatic hollow block machine delivery to Jamaica

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Update time : 2019-12-05 21:36:45

QT4-24 semi automatic hollow block machine delivery to Jamaica

Recently, we have shipped QT4-24 block machine purchased by a Jamaican customer. This type of machine is our best-selling one.
QT4-24 is small hollow block machine, which included the main machine, concrete mixer, belt conveyor,stacker and free one set of mould. The capacity of hollow block(400*200*200mm) 3200pcs/8hours. The efficiency is higher than QT4-35 brick making machine. It is suitable for small investment. If you want to begin the block production. The model of QT4-24 is the best choice. And The QT4-24 is very popular in the market, because the QT4-24 hollow block machine is moderate price, and the brick production is high efficiency.